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Kolagatla Consulting is a leader on Enterprise Data Virtualization software Training services. Our Business Technologies is a provider of technology, systems integration and professional technical services and solutions.

Our Associates are always trained on new product releases and have their skills updated with the industry requirements.

Our mission is to identify, design, customize and implement smart technologies / systems that can interact with the human race faster, cheaper and better. We help clients integrate these technologies to create increased productivity, lower costs and simplicity to business.

At Kolagatla, we embrace diversity. We enjoy the challenge of being outside our comfort zone. We thrive in dynamic environments. And at the risk of sounding ideas, we work hard, and we play hard.

Whatever it is, our employees of all ages and nationalities share a vibrant and optimistic view that life, and also data integration, can be made much better. we're busy working with some of the most leading and exciting technologies in the area of data integration – including Hadoop, NoSQL databases, cloud services, data warehouses, data visualization and analytics tools.

Kolagatla 's growth as a business depends on being innovative and creative, on delivering the best solutions with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and on having a unique piece of technology to solve real customer problems. And a company can only be as forward-thinking as its people, which explains why we have become the leading developer of Data Virtualization, Data Services and Cloud Data Integration technologies and solutions for the enterprise.

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