The Database Management Course conducted by Kolagatla Consulting comprehensively covers content for professionals who intend to take up careers as Developers and Administrators. Kolagatla Consulting offers Database Courses which is appropriate for individuals who derive physical database designs, develop logical data models, create physical databases, create data services, manage and maintain databases, configure and manage security, monitor and optimize databases, and install and configure database which serves as high end utility for Data Mining and OLAP Services.

Entry Level Training

The Entry Level Training Program acts as a vital support to companies, as it shoulders the responsibility of grooming new recruits into project-ready professionals for immediate deployment on projects. This training program is designed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Kolagatla Consulting in collaboration with Technical Experts of the client company. The assignments and complexities of the training are decided based on project specific requirements and inputs from the client.

Project-based Customized Training

Our aim is to facilitate the best business results for each of our clients from their technology investments. We ensure this with our innovative training solutions that are delivered just-in-time and are designed to perfectly suit and appropriately fill the requirements' needs and gaps. As each technology investment requires an investment in tools and people, the corporate clients turn to Kolagatla Consulting for their continual training requirements and potential manpower development needs. The Corporate Training Division provides Specific Project Based trainings to IT and non-IT companies. With a team of internationally certified and experienced trainers, having hands-on experience and exposure to multiple projects, these trainings are characterized by accurate problem solving and query handling. RDBMS & SQL , Concepts of DBMS & RDBMS, Data Model, ER Diagram, Normalization, SQL, Data Integrity, Tables, Index, Views, Sequence, Cursor, Error Handling, Trigger, Administration