Datawarehousing and ETL

Datawarehousing and ETL

We provide Real Time & Practical Hands-on Data Warehousing training. Join us to shape your career in Data Warehousing (DWH). This course provides the basic and advanced skills for developers.

Who is this Data warehosuing training course aimed at?

  • All those involved in major roles on a data warehouse project, from project managers to DBAs to data modellers and application developers
  • Ideal for IT professionals from various backgrounds including those who plan to cross train into data warehousing (DWH) to enhance their careers
  • Freshers with No prior knowledge of data warehousing, Informatica, Data Stage, Tera Data concepts can attend this training course.

Data warehousing Course benefits

  • Learn the fundamentals of data warehousing from industry experts.
  • Understand a tried and tested lifecycle for data warehousing projects and learn the how to avoid the typical pitfalls organizations face when implementing business intelligence solutions.
  • Includes a range of tools and techniques to apply to real world data warehousing and business intelligence projects.
  • Learn how to apply your new skills and knowledge to your own data warehousing projects.
  • ain experience through real life practical exercises and workshops Why do organizations need Data Warehouse?

Why do organizations need Data Warehouse?

Organizations with organized IT practices are looking forward to create a next level of technology transformation. They are now trying to make themselves much more operational with easy-to-interoperate data. Having said that data is most important part of any organization, it may be everyday data or historical data. Data is backbone of any report and reports are the baseline on which all the vital management decisions are taken.

Most of the companies are taking a step forward for constructing their data warehouse to store and monitor real time data as well as historical data. Crafting an efficient data warehouse is not an easy job. Many organizations have distributed departments with different applications running on distributed technology. ETL tool is employed in order to make a flawless integration between different data sources from different departments. ETL tool will work as an integrator, extracting data from different sources; transforming it in preferred format based on the business transformation rules and loading it in cohesive DB known are Data Warehouse.

Well planned, well defined and effective testing scope guarantees smooth conversion of the project to the production. A business gains the real buoyancy once the ETL processes are verified and validated by independent group of experts to make sure that data warehouse is concrete and robust.

Intended Audience

  • Manual Testers / QA Analyst
  • Automation Testers
  • ETL / DWH / DB developers
  • Project Managersy